[available throughout a given term, except the final week]

(up to 1 grade point per term) 

Course-Connected Learning

Read another work by an author studied in class—1 pt.  When you’re finished, set up a J-Block meeting, bring the book and discuss your thoughts.

Podcast, YouTube lecture, or critical essay notes and one-page response—0.5 pts. Take full notes and write a one-page response to key learning/ideas from the lecture.

Film version of course literature—0.3 pts.  See a film version of a work read in class and write a one-page response on the connection between the video and the literary work.

Other Options

Writing—as much as 0.2 pts. for each typewritten, double-spaced page of writing —on any topic (but written exclusively for English extra-credit, not for another course).  Here are some suggestions:

oReviews—movie, music, concert

oEssay from a journal entry

oEssay about a personal or important experience  (This can be about anything—an important lesson from soccer practice, why you love your dog, a meaningful political cause

oEssay/response to outside reading book

oAny creative writing

Poetry  (up to 0.2 pts per poem)

Short stories

using course vocabulary words

imaginary scenes from the course literature

modernized myths

personal/creative essays from important experiences or memories

vocabulary story—put as many vocabulary words you can into a plausible (or outlandish) story



Thank you letter to a person who has helped you at some time and has no idea how much he/she has influenced you

Letter to a Veteran or spouse, expressing appreciation for his or her service and/or sacrifice

To the editor or a newspaper; to a political representative; as a complaint to a business;

Artwork/Poster/Room Decorations—up to 0.2 pts.

oposters for the room

scenes from course literature

interesting quotations from authors

public grammatical/mechanical errors

find a mistake made in a publication and bring it in or present  the mistake as a small poster

oany artistic representation or reflection of course content

Vocabulary in Action

oMake a copy of a vocabulary word found in print—0.1 pt.

oCopy down verbatim the word used on TV or the radio (make an enlarged, readable version of it)—0.1 pt.

Connected Outside Reading

oChoose for your required outside reading a book connected to course content—1 pt.

Examples—Homer’s Iliad; a book on Oriental philosophy; any books by authors read in the English course; any history of the periods studied in the world history class; any additional Shakespeare play.

Additional Outside Reading

owith J-Block discussion (0.3 pts.)

Outside Reading Bookshelf—Contribute to the outside reading bookshelf with a donated book—0.1 pt.

Memorize a poem and recite it (approx. 0.2 pts. for each 50 words)

oRecite the poem before the class—additional 0.2 pts.

Go to a play (0.2 pts.).  Go to a school play or a professional play and present the program as evidence.