Policies:  Late/Missed Work; Attendance; Electronics

Late Work/Make-up Policy.

Writing assignments turned in after the date due

One day late—will receive a one-grade deduction (for example, from a B+ to a C+)

More than one day late—the assignment will receive a C- at best

Special circumstances must be discussed with the teacher in advance. In the case of an excusable delay, please be sure to have a short parent/guardian explanation accompany the paper.

Homework assignments receive half credit when they are turned in late (no matter how late), if unexcused.

Missed quiz or test.  If you miss a quiz or exam because of an excused absence, you have one week from the day of your return to school to make up the test.  If you do not take the make-up the quiz or exam within the given time, you may receive an F.  Special circumstances must be discussed with the teacher.

Missed assignment explanation.  If you miss the explanation of an assignment because of an excusable absence, you are still responsible to complete the assignment by the given due date.  In some cases, you may be given an appropriate extension.

If you miss a class, you are responsible to find out about classwork missed and the evening’s homework and to be prepared the following day.  Monthly assignment schedules will be given to each student as well as be available on the class website.  Please email any concerns or questions.  There should be no excuses for not coming to class prepared after missing a previous class.

website: http://alanreinstein.com

email:  alan_reinstein@newton.k12.ma.us

Attendance.   You are expected to be in class, on time every day.  If you are late, you must bring a note from a teacher, counselor, nurse, or house secretary; otherwise, this will be considered an unexcused tardy.  Three unexcused tardies equal one class cut.  A first cut results in a J-block detention with me.  For a subsequent cut or unexcused absence, your housemaster assigns an administrative detention.  Three cuts or unexcused absences, or a total of nine absences (excused or unexcused) during a term results in a no-credit grade (N) for that term.

Excused Absence.  If your absence from class is excused, your name will show up on the attendance list as either absent, tardy to school, dismissed early, or on an attached list from a teacher with an appropriate explanation.

Unexcused Absence.  If you are not in school and neither a parent nor guardian has called in to the house office by 10 a.m., you will be listed in attendance as AbsUn.  I will record this as an unexcused absence and schedule a detention.  The absence may become excused later by the authority of the house secretary or housemaster and then no detention is necessary, but cleaning up a reasonable misunderstanding is your responsibility.

Class Cut.  If you miss a class but that same day are present in advisory and/or other classes, it will be assumed that you have cut the class, which is an unexcused absence.

Electronics.  Students are permitted to use personal electronic devices outside the classroom, except when using the device disturbs or distracts others, or impairs the student’s ability to navigate the environment (for instance, hallways or stairwells) safely.  Devices must be silenced and put away when entering a classroom and may not be used without teacher permission.