Past Courses Taught

Junior English

Freshman English 212

Songwriting (Senior Elective) (also called Poetry and Lyrics)

Musical Contributions

Here are some songs I contributed to the Songwriting class’s album, when the class ran (with Mr. Youngman) from 08-11.      

No Such Thing as Cool (08-09)

We're All Disguised (09-10)

The City Beach (10-11)

Death of the Buzz  and I Don’t Like This Cheese  (practicing for a 2009 Faculty Variety Show)



  1.     Sway Exuberant:  Poems on the Fence

[Poems from my master’s final project in creative writing, December 2007, UMass Boston]

  1.     Sonnets


  1.     On Hamlet: ”Pyrrhus as a Foil for Hamlet”

  2.      Comparing Othello and The Merchant of Venice“Comparing the Different Responses to Infidelity in The Merchant of Venice and Othello”

Favorite Videos

Phil Wiggins, one of my favorite harmonica players

A great basketball trick shot video

FIVE-MINUTE UNIVERSITY--funny video about the learning that you take with you.

FUNNY PALINDROME SONG from Weird Al Yankovic

“It’s what happens in those six minutes!” from the movie Vision Quest (1985)


Ninth-Grade Yearbook Photo, 1978
Cabin John Junior High School, Potomac, Maryland
Senior Class Yearbook Photo, 1981
Winston Churchill High School, Potomac, Maryland