Toni Morrison’s  Song of Solomon


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Song of Solomon Electronic copy (pdf)--which can also be used as a concordance for research

Short Youtube interview with Toni Morrison on Song of Solomon

The Dead Family Tree.  Here are the relationships characters in the Dead family.

Timeline for events in the novel  This is an fully-developed Excel spreadsheet of all major chapter events of the novel--spanning 1931-1963--which comes from the Forms Project for Song of Solomon.

Key and Peele. From the Comedy Central sketch team, two provocative sketches that emphasize (celebrate or satirize?) the specialness of names in the African American community



Folklore and Community in Song of Solomon, by Susan L. Blake

To Ride the Air, by Dorothy H. Lee

“If You Surrender to the Air...” (book review), by Melvin Dixon

Song of Solomon and the Emancipatory Limits of Black Patriarchy, by Rolland Murray

Politics and Form in Song of Solomon, by John Brenkman

An Excursion into the Black World:  “The Seven Days” in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, by Ralph Story

“What Shalimar Knew”:  Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon as a Pastoral Novel, by Ann E. Imbrie

Signifying Circe in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, by Judith Fletcher

Short Youtube interview with Toni Morrison on Song of Solomon

The Story of Emmet Till

Bob Dylan’s “The Death of Emmett Till”  video

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

Song of Solomon Essential Questions
In what ways does American society treat the characters in this book fairly?  Unfairly?
Flight. Where would you fly to if you could escape?
Self-Identity/Name.  Where does your name come from?  What do you know about it?  How does what you are called define who you are?
How does where you are from define who you are?
What is at the heart of racial prejudice in America?  Are the effects of slavery still felt today?  (Or, why arenít we over it?)
Love.  How significant are both the capacity to love also to be loved?