NSHS Writer’s Handbook                                

Resources for Independent Work on NSHS Grammar and Writing Curriculum 

--a terrific resource for almost ANYTHING related to writing;
--go directly to the SITE MAP, which has all of the links on the site.

MLA Formatting Style from OWL
Quick Essay Specifications

Sentence Variety 
--Sentence types (from OWL)
   Zdeno’s Test--simplified examples of the four Sentence Types
   Sentence-Types Identification Quiz
--Sentence Variety page--adverb and adjective clauses; appositive, absolute, and participial phrases; loose and periodic sentences
--Strategies for Variation (from OWL)
--Donald Bartleme’s “The Sentence” is a short story in one long compound-complex sentence
--Using Active Verbs
--Showing vs. Telling Verbs (pdf)

Parallel Structure
--Chomp!Chomp--Grammar Bytes Exercises:  parallel structure  (Scroll down to the fourth topic, after “Irregular Verbs”.)
--Grammar Bytes tip sheet; exercises (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
--More on parallel structure from OWL

The Language of Literary Analysis
--List of words in categories  (by Consol HS (College Station, TX) AP English IV teacher Liz  Davis)
--List tone, style, mood, character, diction, and syntax words
--DIDLS--Diction, Imagery, Details, Language, Syntax

Chomp!Chomp--Grammar Bytes Exercises--Exercises for the following:  
--Punctuation:  apostrophes, commas 
--Sentence errors:  comma splices and fused sentences, fragments
--Usage:  irregular verbs, parallel structure, misplaced and dangling modifiers,     apostrophes, commas, pronoun agreement, pronoun case, pronoun reference, subject-verb agreement
--word choice
--their, there, they’re
--lose, loose
--who, whom
--whoever, whomever
--whose, who’s
--to, too, two
--its, it’s
--from Kansas University’s Professor Gibson’s Wonderful World of    Words
--lie, lay; and here’s a Grammar Bytes tip sheet

12 Common Errors--from the University of Wisconsin Writing Center

Funny dangling and misplaced modifiers

Usage Errors
--Various errors picked up by students and teacher--Can you spot them?

Grammar Comics page--from the humor website The Oatmeal
--How to Use a Semicolon
--How to Use an Apostrophe
--Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling
--When to Use i.e. in a Sentence

SAT Practice Questions  (from the College Board’s website)
--Critical Reading
--Sentence Completion

--Writing Skills
--Improving Sentences
--Identifying Sentence Errors
--Improving Paragraphs